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About The Author


Helen Baldwin and her husband of almost 50 years, Randy, live in the mountains of North Carolina. For several years, Helen taught young children with orthopedic and multiple handicaps in Columbia, South Carolina; her final year demanded skilled nursing more than teaching, which turned out to be a(nother) godsend. After moving to North Carolina, Helen enjoyed focusing on mama duties with Matthew and Katie, football duties with Randy, and eventually helping her parents operate the lodge they'd purchased on the stunning Blue Ridge Parkway.


In the midst of this 'blissful chaos' came the unexpected news of Jeffrey's pending arrival, followed two months later by the whammy of the SMA diagnosis and prognosis. At one point, Helen felt compelled to take notes in order to one day share her family's journey with SMA, scribbling her feelings on whatever was available (she may or may not have resorted to a diaper on occasion!). One of the primary goals of The Jeffrey Journey is to provide other families dealt the SMA 'assignment' with an honest and encouraging account of life with an unforeseen twist. 


One of Helen's favorite parts is the Special Dedication, with one section honoring those living with SMA, the other serving as a memorial. The list is a mere sampling of those affected by SMA... and keeping it current is virtually impossible. The dream is that some day there will be a third section - 'Cured.' 


For SMA families: If you would like to submit a name for the special dedication or have submitted a name for the honor section but need it moved to the memorial, please contact me thru the 'Request Dedication' on the 'Book' page). There is no restriction regarding age, location, or number of names.

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